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About us

WE HAVE THE SINCERE PLEASURE TO build long-term and fruitful
collaborations WITHin a network of CLIENTS & PARTNERS. 

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Experts predict that the next 5 years of economical hyper growth will happen in South-east Asia. With a population of 640 million this is a highly interesting market to target for business from the west. The north Asian giants, China, Korea and Japan, continue to offer tremendous opportunities for those businesses that are able to integrate successfully.

The region is very fragmented and the wide range of languages and cultural differences make it a challenge to localise. We are a partner to those businesses that want to get a foothold in APAC. Through us they are able to test the market while keeping costs low, minimising risks and conducting their research thoroughly before investing larger.

We are an experienced team member, that has the expertise, resourcefulness and network to help our clients solve their new-market challenges and expand their business in a controlled way.

Our philosophy




Thomas van de Meer

Born and raised in The Netherlands and studied at the London Metropolitan University and the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam. I moved to Beijing in 2009 to run my first business. Since then I have set up and expanded businesses for myself and for others across Asia and Europe and across industries.

Through my business SEB Projects I am helping companies solve a wide variety of expansion and new-market challenges. This has allowed me to live and run businesses in The Netherlands, The UK, Singapore, Japan, China, and Korea.

I love to collect and sometimes sell contemporary art.

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